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Noblesville Schools installs barricades to protect students and staff

The devices are meant to create a safe zone and can be activated in seconds.

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Noblesville Schools has a new safety feature to help protect students and staff.

Approximately 1,000 door barricading devices have been installed in all the district’s schools over the summer.

The district said the devices will allow students and staff to secure themselves in a room, creating a safe zone.

Both students and staff will be trained on how to use the barricading devices.

“As state school safety leaders, we’re proud of the almost 50 different safety improvements we’ve implemented within the last two years,” said Noblesville Schools Safety Director Dr. Heather Hendrich. “These barricading devices add another important layer for keeping our students and staff protected in the event of an emergency.”

Other safety changes include tripling the number of school resource officers so there will be coverage at all times and at all schools, gun-detecting safety dogs, and more rigorous visitor checks.